I can not understand what the problem is. And about a miracle! My attempts to turn it into a modem-only mode did not lead to anything. New themes should be created only root partition! The tablet again quarreled and voila-I’m on the net! Please choose the relevant version according to your computer’s operating system and click the download button. It worked on both modems.

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The upper window closes.

Networks 3G4G Support

Enter one of the following commands: We get the root of the law with z4root 3. Maybe this is the case? Firmware supporting 3G modems of our cellular operators. I have such a problem: Where can you dig on this score?

USB Application 3G 4G USB Modem for the Asus RT-N65RRouter Sceenshot

Installed the firmware Android 2. If anyone had such a trabla tell me what can be the problem.

After seconds, the 3G icon appears next to the battery icon. I just say little, but read a lot. I connect this modem to the tablet after the restart, there was a standard “grid” with the signal strength of the cellular network, but the signal itself is not displayed Tobish allegedly does not have a networkin “Settings of the cellular network” I tried to find “telecom operators” – without result.


Ppp-stop respectively terminates the session. Almost spat and thought that I would have to go bankrupt on the modem from Huawei. ZTE MF is working.

In fact, I’m just making inquiries before I try. As a result, I struggle for the second day anyvata can not get the desired access to the NET – and tomorrow to work, I wanted to enjoy the charms of surf already in the way But 3ji received a piece of salt Corrected the file, it all worked.

Then all by instructions as For G10 Excluding paragraph 1.

Bug # “AnyData ADUA, worked in jaunty, does not work i” : Bugs : ModemManager

But when connecting a tablet hangs up Mlynn!!! I hope for further consultations of people who Better understand. The last window closes, and the cursor flashes in the main window of the program. Just now I realized that I do not have a native G10 firmware with a m core, I installed the firmware from Rover CubeM1, if I do not confuse With the firmware from G10, I lost the internal memory of the device and did not have to mount the tablet to the computer.


The truth connects dovgovato, but works stably.

Then the inscription “Everything is ready” and Connection I can not understand what the problem is. Enter one of the following commands: The connection is automatic, when you request data from the Internet, an icon with two arrows appears at the top. Connect the modem 8. If the 3G network is lost, i.

In general, how initially to understand that the modem has been updated? As is, right out of the box. Help to make Pocketbook A10 friend with usb-modem? Post has been edited SpecterR –