Fuchur fuchur wrote on Posted April 20, Apparently I was composing my comments while you wrote yours. If anybody knows a better way to set priority, let me know. Sign in with Twitter. After applying the patch, you need to activate it in synaptics xorg driver, and then it just works.

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Especially when it comes to Terminal commands. My current netbook came with a Sentelic touchpad included.

MSI Wind U – ArchWiki

Now restore the As a warning, recording video with higher resolutions may result in a lower framerate. My friend will need it soon Not wanting to invest too much time into it, i chose to just restart it hoping th e kernel modules would just work then. Would love to have this in ubuntu by default! That would be fabulous!

I, immediately, plug it back and turned it on to find the touchpad all jumpy. If you do own a Sentelic touchpad of an earlier or later ssntelic, you can help me, and the community by trying the following: Things have changed now with 2.


The netbook is not mine I’ll take some time and make patches for upstream. No slide scroll in HW. I expect it’s this function in the Linux driver. This bug affects 50 people.

That the above info appears quite complex and confusing. Does Ubuntu kernel build scripts need to be adjusted to incorporate these changes? This is a summary of the situation, based on a discussion I started several months ago on xorg-devel[1].

I would not like going back to windows xp. Do you know why, if it has not? I’m going to attempt a first submission of my patch to the relevant kernel maintainer in a few minutes.

These are the possibilities:.

They didn’t, so I plugged my emergency usb mouse and did some log reading. You can obtain my patch through git: I’m not aware of any roadmap – my first goal was just to get absolute mode working with two finger scrolling, which I consider the absolute minimum to make it usable.


I was able to set the Sentelic touchpad in an ASUS ZenBook UX21E to absolute positioning mode which allows side-scrolling and enable some support for multitouch by accessing register 0x90 and patching the kernel driver. Also you have the Since hal has been removed, all the howtos out there don’t work no more: Earl Malmrose earl wrote on I guess at best what they’ll do is ask me for changes.

MSI Wind U100

The only functional change over the stock driver is filtering out touchpad-clicks. Thanks for working this out!

Reuben reuben-bond wrote on It would really help if some kind person could write a noob step by step walkthrough of this.