It is reassuring to some side Changing instrument numbers in Giga? Rock stable for a year Any ideas about this? Conexant Wavestream Error fixed Good for Giga? It works of course, but it’s a little hobby!

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You cannot vote in polls in this forum. The giga’s are stand alone machines that do only one thing miditeerminal run giga. On my system there is nothing between Gigasstudio and the performance tool The only point “negative” positive for some for food, which is through the keyboard port and a special cable. I’m using miditerminal ‘s with the lastest drivers on Win98SE. Maybe you do mean between Gigastudio – performace tool and sequencer on same computer.

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I think maybe that there is still some work to be done here? Obviously its an issue with performance tool and the midi drivers.


Good luck iwan http: Hard drive question Corrupt Sonar. There was a problem with the GigaStudio file.

Renaming of wave files 41440 a Giga file? I don’t run my sequencer on the same machine as the giga’s. Everything was perfect for the last two years until I installed the performance tool. It works of course, but it’s a little hobby!

ESI Miditerminal 4140

I’m having some problems regarding the performance tool and my midi set up in my giga PC’s. You cannot reply to threads in this forum. Request a new review. Apart from the connection via the keyboard port I would’ve preferred a separate PSUit’s all good!

It’s not killing me, but it sure is time consuming and a pain to deal with. When to upgrade from my one-machine setup?

The gigastudio is the lastest version. When i was under 98, I felt that the interface was saturated at times. The only thing inbetween giga and the interface is the performance tool.


This miditerminao a solid stability! Cubase SX Registration confirmation bad. Can’t update to Giga 2. Midiyoke problem Installation issues, please help if you can Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

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In addition, Steinberg does not recommend using a midi interface that plugs behind the key on the printer port. I also did read on other related forums about many people having similar problems. You cannot delete your posts in this forum. It won’t see any midi interface at all. It is the only interface which in the two years since I have it, never did properly.

XP perpetual device install Gigastudio version 3 GB hard drives: