I already tried the msencrypt feature to encrypt the password, but it does not affect the exception text. In the second or last layer we request NORMAL connection handling though this could have been left out as normal handling is the default. It also avoids edge effects where features appear in multiple adjacent tiles when creating tiled maps. OGR layers can utilize tile indexes in a similar fashion to Shapefile based layers. Specifies how the data should be drawn. Hi Jeff, I made some progress. Note Until MapServer 6, native filters could be specified as:

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Support for clustering of features in point layers. A value of 0. An SDE connection string consists of ohr hostname, instance name, database name, username and password separated by commas.

OGR connection failed – OCI

Hi, mmapserver for your tip. I gave the highest permission in IIS for mapserver and I have different error. If auto projection support is used for tileindexed OGR layers, the tileindex is read for the projection not the component tiles.

Starting with MapServer 6. See Tileindexes with tiles in different projections.

Note mygis is another connectiontype, but it is deprecated; please see the MySQL section of the Vector Data document for connection details. Raster Directives – All raster processing options are described in Raster Data.


Additionally, if you have FastCGI enabled, the connection handle will stay open indefinitely, or according to the options specified in the FastCGI configuration.

# ([MapServer-OGR] Use C API in ) – MapServer

Kernel density radius – Radius in pixels of the gaussian filter to apply to the bitmap array once all features have been accumulated. In reply to this post by jmckenna. However in some rare otr case, a subquery can be very time consuming if data is really important as the final data will be filtered only in the query.

The encoding used for lgr in the layer data source. The tileindex contains polygon features for each tile. The resulting file will refer to this attribute by the alias. The CLUSTER configuration option provides to combine multiple features from the layer into single aggregated features based on their relative positions.

The mapfile is at: The font styles bold and italic are supported as follows: The second issues is changing mapogr. If set to a numeric value, the samples will be multiplied by the given value. This keyword allows for arbitrary data to be stored as name value pairs. The argument to methods such as simplify must be in the same units as the coordinates of the shapes at that point of the rendering workflow, i.


The gdal IRC channel on irc. If no DATA keyword is provided, this is equivalent to selecting layer 0. Used to indicate that the current feature will be transformed. In order to filter data sooner, ie before the mxpserver query, one can filter data directly in the subquery using the!

Deprecated since version 6.

To specify black pixels, the following is used:. The exact organization depends on the format driver in use. See also Vector Data for specific connection information for various ofr sources.

In this example, we are using the same dataset NO See OGR error messages too verbose. Line cap and join The line cap PEN. New in version 5.