How can I remedy this? Its low cost and versatility makes it ideal for small and medium businesses that need to print a wide range of labels, tags. The most impressive aspect of the models Pro and Pro printer is their versatility. Note the notch on one end; this corresponds to the same notch on the IC. Holds the bulk 30m to 50m rolls of heat shrink tubing With a minimal investment this great value system will enable you to print labels and tags on demand. The Maximum size ribbon the Labelstation takes is mm wide 30m long.

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It allows for varying speeds of 2 to 7 inches per second for quality adjustment. Search by keyword or part. The LabelDirect labelling software supplied with the printer is an excellent choice for the ordinary user as it is not over-complicated by the inclusion of features which interest largely only developers. Easy to use desktop printing system Includes guillotine label cutter Includes an internal Ethernet interface dpi print resolution Fast print speed up to mm per sec USB 2.

Its low cost and versatility makes it ideal for small and medium businesses that need to print a wide range of labels, tags.

Will the printer be able to print push in plant labels and labels for bottles? Set up is very easy, even for people with limited computer skills. The white pro2000 on the right is a slipping clutch with a spring. Or am I tempting fate and just. The Pro works handsomely for most regular jobs, however. It is ideal for running one off labels, short batches or even a long run of labels and tags. Please contact us for more information.


To label roadside power poles the Pro would most certainly suffice probably printing on vinyl using industrial ribbonwhereas to produce a part number sticker for a microchip would require the extra resolution of the Proespecially if a company logo or graphic is involved.

Please call sales on and they will be able to supply this to you. We want to print labels that have a black background with white print or preferably silver print. The printer photographed below is used by myself and my colleagues in our office for testing and for samples. The Labelstation Pro range of printers are nice and versitile, being able to print onto horticultural labels such as stickins, loop locks and waterproof vinyl labels.

Share this helpful post “Teardown: Labelstation Label Printer range – model comparison leaflet. Pro Horticultural Label Printer. The kind of printing skills that will impress your colleagues can be acquired in a matter of minutes with the help of the accompanying CD. Can this printer print coloured pictures on the labels?

Hi, I am very interested in printing hazard labels what is the largest size label the printer can do, also does the label printer automatically come with label designs for example Flammable liquid is normally a diamond shape?

This version of the LabelStation Pro has all the features of the basic Pro but include the guillotine label cutter. Yes the Labelstation will print both thermally and direct thermally onto most materials including paper, so is perfect for address labelling Labesltation you design the labels or have a list in the computer and just connect the printer to print a whole series of labels?


Teardown: LabelStation Pro200 / Pro300

Many thanks The Labelstatuon range of printers do not have memeory, information would be stored on the PC or if you have an external keyboard and then feed through to the printer. There is no limit to how many labels you can create. There is no support for Mac or Ipad at the moment. I can get the mac to run windows operating system.

Other colours are available as specials. How many stick-in or loop -lock labels can one roll of ribbon print?

LabelStation Pro Network Version from Labelzone

There is a peel and present option for this printer, this will enable the printer to print one label then remove from the backing and present the label for removal, once the label has been removed the printer will then print the next label.

A typical example of this is labeldtation maximum label thickness of 0. The Following products are available for free, Please select one of the following:.

The LabelStation system is an ‘out of the box’ solution to your labelling, sign and identification problems! Labelwtation to the very top half. Can the LabelStation print these?