Opt out or contact us at any time. Comments are disabled We respect your privacy. The speakers accept sampling rates of The volume knob located on the front of the powered speaker controls the volume whether it comes from the speakers or connected headphones. We then separated the speakers into groups 3-inch woofers, larger-thaninch woofers, and 2. The mids are a bit thin-sounding and the highs have a harsh edge to them.

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Bluetooth-device pairing is quick for the CR4BT speakers, and you can easily reconnect a previously paired device by tapping the button on the front of the speaker. This allows easy access for plugging in another temporary source, like a phone, without moving the speakers or struggling with blindly fumbling behind the desk searching for an input. We considered only powered or active speakers which include a built-in amp and limited our search to woofers smaller than 5 inches wide.

Ideal placement is below your head so the drivers are aimed toward your ears. The PreSonus Eris 4. You can also adjust the treble ctreme bass levels with two knobs on the back of the powered speaker. Mackie CR3 Best computer speakers There are better-sounding speakers that cost more, and cheaper speakers xtreje sound decent, but these have the right blend of sound quality and user-friendliness. However, every time koip turn it on, it will connect to the previous two devices that were used.

Their price makes them an easy upgrade for anyone looking for decent speakers for music, movies, or computer games. Brent also noted they had low distortion. The speakers have three input options. The back-panel inputs of the powered speaker are identical, and they look nearly the same from the front—save for the addition of a Bluetooth button.


Klip Xtreme Dm | Driver

The volume knob located on the front of the powered speaker controls the volume whether it comes from the speakers or connected headphones. None of this is ideal, but the overall sound quality and feature set make them a good upgrade for those willing to spend a bit more. Their sound, though, is very muffled and the mids sound a bit forward, like cupping your hands around dm-10000 mouth.

The Z system is about as plug-and-play as you can get. Though a bit bigger and significantly more expensive than our main xtremf, the RDB has fantastic sound and built-in Bluetooth. They do have Bluetooth though.

But they are double the price of the CR3 pair. These two inputs are shared. The optical connection allows you to send a digital PCM signal to the speakers.

A general rule in speaker design is the larger the driver, the lower the frequencies that can be reproduced, but going beyond 5 inches leads to an unmanageably large desktop footprint.

Bluetooth pairing is easy, but the wireless connection sounds thinner compared with the wired one. By separating the reproduction duties of instrument presence, sparkle, and airiness higher frequencies handled by the tweeter from instrument body and boom lower frequencies handled by the woofera set of two-way computer speakers allows you to hear parts of songs that you would otherwise miss from a pair of laptop speakers.


Wirecutter writers Lauren Dragan and Brent Butterworth joined me for the listening panel using an iPhone connected via an RCA splitter box as our audio source to easily switch between speakers. As mentioned earlier, the sound reproduction does leave something to be desired.

I also work as a freelance film sound editor and composer in Los Angeles. The remote also allows you to sit back away from your workstation and still control the audio. The less you need to access the back of the speaker, the better. The speakers come with a one-year all-inclusive, nontransferable warranty in case xtrwme issues crop up.

The Best Computer Speakers

It is possible to use passive bookshelf speakers in a computer audio setup by adding an external amplifier, but it requires more desk space.

There was also a big midrange peak that added a twang to the sound. Learn more about cookies including how to disable them. There are better-sounding speakers that cost much more, and cheaper speakers that sound decent as well, but the Mackie CR3 have the right blend of sound quality and user-friendliness. We use cookies and similar technologies to measure traffic, repeat visitors and site performance.

The only real bottleneck will be the quality of your digital files.