Exchanging Ink Cartridges When the front cover is open, you see the carriage at the left-most position. Power Does Not Come On Unplug the printer cable and the power code. Page Setup Dialog Box

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Functions Of The Printer Driver This product should not be placed in a built-in installation unless.

Kimosetter 340 Computer to Plate Printer

Page of Go. Connecting Cables for Windows When your printer is properly set up, connect the printer to your computer with a printer cable and kimosetterr a suitable AC power source with the power cord.

Never push objects of any kind into this product through cabinet slots as they may touch. Introduction Chapter 5 – Troubleshooting Introduction Refer to this chapter to resolve any trouble you may face while using your printer.

This software does not require a key. Locate the transport rollers here.

Kimosetter Computer to Plate Printer

Prinher Off The Power Using Background Printing Background printing allows the computer to do other jobs while a plate is being imaged. Notes And Precautions About Media Press the front cover release button and gently lower the front cover while supporting it with a hand.


Remove the packing materials. Fitting The Media Support Page Setup Dialog Box Check the power cord connection. Press the release lever and gently pull out the jammed media. The Kimosetter has encountered an error with its cassette changer motor.

Except as explained elsewhere in this guide, don’t attempt to service this product yourself. Cleaning The Transport Rollers Connect the printer to your computer with a printer cable and to a suitable AC power source with the power cord.

Kimoto Kimosetter 340 Manuals

Use the manual now to set up and begin working with your printer. Unplug the printer cable and the power code. Chapter 1 Major Functions And Operations Paper jams can be caused by a dirty platen.

I have talked to Kimoto and am pasting their e-mail below.


Reduce Or Enlarge Contents About This Manual Locate the five transport rollers adjacent to the cork pieces on the sheet feeder. Is there a paper jam? Chapter 3 Printer Driver Chapter 3 Printer Driver This chapter describes each of the printer driver settings required for controlling the printing operations. Chapter 1 Major Functions And Operations Chapter 1 Major Functions and Operations Learn the Major Functions and Operations of Your Printer This chapter describes how to set up your printer, the name of each part of your printer and how it functions, how to insert the cartridges and media.


When a printing operation is completed, the printer fails to return the ink cartridge to its holderand the ERROR light starts blinking. Detach the SCSI adapter as well, if it has been attached.

Use it later as a reference for everyday routines and as a guide for maintenance and troubleshooting. Note that the printing side has the matt surface.