With its high-speed sampling, sophisticated trigger capabilities and real-time sample compression, the LogicPort gives the big guys a run for their money! Under certain circumstances the LogicPort can pack hours of data into Its sample buffer! It allows you to design and analyze circuits without using breadboards, real components More information. The in-software help is useful if you want to know more. Really important if you have a customer waiting Agilent says “Usually arrives in 3 weeks”. Tiles come in four shapes:

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Scott MacKenzie 1 Introduction includes an on-chip serial port that can operate in four modes over a wide range of frequencies.

The function of these features will be more More information. You will then use logic gates to draw a schematic for the circuit.

In state mode, the LogicPort samples on the specified edge of an external clock supplied by the hardware under test. You want to provide navigation controls for readers, but you don t want to take up screen real estate More information. It comes with a lot of powerful features, works like a charm, and the user-interface is intuitive, and easy to handle.


It combines a full featured integrated development environment IDE with a powerful visual programming interface. This buffer is then displayed for the user to look at. All content Copyright Intronix.

This training document deals with PowerPointthe latest version More information. Flash Chapter 16 A. The LogicPort provides 34 channels sampled at MHz.

Sign in Register Wish list. The installation includes real-world examples of actual acquired data.

Logic Analyzer. Intronix Logicport 34 Channel Logic Analyzer

A few of our corporate clients: Intronx Interpret the bits as a analog value See the examples for examples. PC-Based Test and Measurement. The wires colors and tip colors match with the wire ID colors displayed in the software Black wire with a white tip is D0 the black letters with white background.

PC-Based Test and Measurement. I was really impressed with its ease of use. We recommend leaving them open because Agilent connects power and signals to these pins. Views Two main views: Making a Web Page with Microsoft Publisher The first thing to consider when making a Web page or a Web site nitronix the architecture of the site.

The LogicPort logic analyzer’s hardware is controlled and powered via your PC’s USB port for the ultimate in convenience and portability. I use it for microcontroller development and as a demonstration device in courses I teach. Microsoft Outlook Calendars Email: Software installed and worked immediately and intuitively. It can also be used to capture data directed toward a particular peripheral by using the peripheral’s enable signal as a qualifier.


Intronix LogicPort PC-Based Logic Analyzer with USB Interface

All in all, I must say I am quite satisfied with the LogicPort. The Introni advanced trigger features allow it to trigger on simple or complex sequences of edges, patterns and bus numerical ranges, as well as on specified pattern, range or pulse durations. Box Norwood, MAU. Mictor Pin 2, 3, 4. Usually, you will want to remove the standard group Data[ Arduino Board Arduino Mega 3 What you need: The in-software help is useful if you want to know more.

The LogicPort provides 34 channels sampled at MHz.