Keep the other files – you’ll need some information from them a little later. Remember to change the name of the sys file to the one you use! View September 30, Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. It helped having clear and concise directions. It should give you a small menu asking you to Select Single Driver or a Multiple Driver folder, for our use we just need to add the one Single Driver so select that.

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So, how about it?

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MishimaSan 10 years ago. Already have an account? Iam getting the following error during textmode setup. Doesn’t NLite do this?

OEM – which is placed in the I folder C: Now you are at the Task Selection window. View November 17, Click Next to skip the Presets dialog.

Download and install nLite. OEM that you extracted with the driver.

2 Ways to Integrate Floppy SATA RAID Driver into Windows XP CD

Try the Intel drivers. You can now install Windows XP as you would normally. If your drivers came in a self-extracting executable rather than a wata file, you may be able to extract its contents manually by opening it in a program like WinRAR.


Cookies make wikiHow better. You should now be at the Presets page which should be empty unless you have used nLite before. Open the folder and add its entire contents to your CD image. Thank hpw so much for taking the time to help out others, and post screenshots and such I hope you get blessed in return for your kindness, you deserve it.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Are you ready to bid your hand-washing days adieu? It will next present you with a quick little status screen about it integrating the drivers and provide you with a little summary. Rob 8 years ago. XP Instructions In other languages: Change the name iastor to your file’s name.

Creating a Windows XP Slipstreamed Disc using nLite

If only there were a simple wash-and-rinse equivalent for WinXP. This file is usually found in the same place as the SYS file you located in the previous step and will probably have the same name, albeit with an INF extension. It should prompt you to select the INF sliostream for the install, browse to where your driver is and select it.


You cherish and pamper it at first. This will create a bootable customized Windows CD that you can use to install your system.

Thanks so much, theog. Joe 10 years ago. Now, return to the command prompt and type the following command: To create this article, 15 people, some anonymous, worked to edit swta improve it over time. Finally, in the [SCSI] section of the file, add the following: The resulting path should be C: