Finally found out thanks to this post how to do it. If like me you are having lots of trouble jailbreaking your iPhone then maybe this will help. Bam, that is your problem, you are using the ipsw 3. You will need to edit the autoexec. Now edit the Boot sector properties to the following. I installed the latest mobo INF chipset drivers and when I checked device driver versions in device manager nothing had been updated.

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Wednesday, June 2, GA-P55 can’t install chipset drivers. I installed the latest mobo INF chipset drivers and when I checked device driver versions in device manager nothing had been updated. I worked out that with the hanging on waiting on reboot part I was using the wrong ipsw, example; the phone from USA was a 2G I didn’t know, how could I?

EZCool 1.3M Pixel PC USB Webcam(NOT FOR WIN7)

I would run the hack wehcam and over times and be stumped. After about another 10 seconds, iTunes will detect iPhone in restore mode and automatically launch itself to restore firmware to ezcoil phone. But still on both phones redsn0w would do it’s thing, phone reboot and back to the emergency lock. You can use all the phones apps and make calls etc. Obviously my simcard another carrier wouldn’t work and I didn’t know anyone with an Optus sim to test it with.

Then you need this tool Hotmail in IEit will make it so emails will open up in IE but you can keep your default web browser as something else. Bam, that is your wbcam, you are using the ipsw 3.


Go through the redsn0w steps and use the same 3. I had no way of knowing what version phones they were, what OS they last had been using the people who owned them were clueless and would have no idea.

Make sure to include the edited autoecec.

Then double click “Turn off Autoplay” 3 Click Enabled, and then select All drives so that you can disable Autorun on all drives. To create a boot disk copy the contents from your a: CMD into the folder where the setup.

It simply won’t work. Debcam tool detected my cam straight up, click on the wwbcam that is most suitable to your OS, for me I have win7 64bit, they didn’t have those drivers but they had Vista 64 bit drivers and it works great now.

EZCool M Pixel PC USB Webcam(NOT FOR WIN7)

You will need to edit the autoexec. When I received it the only screen I could get was the above emergency screen. If hackulo is down for any reason then you can get Appsync from another repository http: I have jailbroken the new 3GS with the new iboot system with blackra1n, works fine, just a hassle that when ever you reboot iphone you have to have ezfool iphone plugged into computer with blackra1n running to get it to boot up.

You know this becuase you just made iTunes do it. A friend gives you their iPhone or a friend of theirs iPhone and asks you to fix it becuase somehow it has become locked and unusable and when you turn it on all you get is the Emergency Phone number screen.


Then it dawned on me, if you are using the wrong revision number ipsw to jailbreak then it simple won’t work. Why wasn’t it working????? Go to their homepage here and download their Detection Tool direct link to tool. You will need to find gcdrom. But anyway, on both phones I always ended up with the same result, redsn0w would do it’s job, and it would either hang at the “waiting for reboot All the versions were 6.

If you don’t do this step and create the boot disk you will find that your PC never boots up and just freezes during dos POST.

Nothing i did could get the mobo drivers installed, run as administrator did nothing. Copy those files to somewhere on your PC.

I use the portable version. They tell you it happened after iTunes updated their phone. Explicitly assign the users you don’t want to be able to log into the local PC.