Some hotkeys may not work in other operating systems. Expect to get lots of questions about it if you’re in a busy office. You are commenting using your WordPress. It’s not pretty, but there it is. I have myself been postponing the configuration of my Evoluent VerticalMouse for years. This actually does cause the emulation to happen and running xev with this option will show what use to be button 10 now button 8 and what was button 9 to now be button 2. Notify me of new posts by email.

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This is a vast improvement on the 3rd gen model where the button was underneath the device.

Any button can be disabled by installing linx driver and selecting the None function at the top of the pull down menu. The VM4R is similar in size and shape to the previous versions.

February 18, at I have used the Evoluent Mouse sincenow the Evoluent linuux, and I was very happy with it. Evoluent has no business relationship with this vendor. Ensure that speakers are connected and the volume is turned on. You should see a list of input devices – keyboards, mice, laptop buttons – this is what mine looks like.


Notify me of new posts via email.

Enjoy a perfectly working mouse! The command is pretty simple. So the first number is what you want Button 1 to do. Evoluent Mouse 4 linux irrundauswege.

How can I get 3 buttons to work on my Evoluent mouse?

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I would be most appreciative if I could have a full set of up-to-date ‘idiot-proof commands’ for me to slavishly follow. The basic mouse functions work automagically in Linux tested on Ubuntu 9.

You may need to reboot your computer for the new settings to take effect. There are a vast number of llinux on the Evoluent websiteincluding this one: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. There is no Evoluent driver, but the VerticalMouse still has basic functionality. Quickly insert receiver into computer. Find the one that refers to your mouse. Plug the mouse’s USB cable into your computer.


Click Continue Anyway each time. Here’s a picture of the physical buttons: I have myself been postponing the configuration of my Evoluent VerticalMouse for years. If restarting does not work, uninstall and reinstall the Evoluent software and restart the computer.

Evoluent Mouse with Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10

I don’t understand what the problem is, I emailed helpdesk but haven’t heard back from then yet. View LQ Wiki Contributions.

Key functions evkluent Evoluent keyboards may be reassigned or remapped lunux this Microsoft Utility. The 3rd gen mouse is made from a different material which doesn’t seem to suffer from this problem. Well written and thorough! I doubt it’s much of a power drain, but it’s the sort of thing that might get a bit annoying in the dark. You could always try covering it with masking tape! Enter the 4th generation – the VM4R.