However there are some issues: Mobo has 4GB of ram. It would boot the live CD, start the install. I’m not sure how this is going to work when I’m in a different location and do want to make an ad-hoc connection to another WiFi provider Wireless activity indicator LED fails to light.

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IBM Standard spec does not include wireless support. Got most of the effects in Compiz Fusion working but no cube, so a little dissapointed about that. Very happy with my first builld! Inspiron Centrino Duo – T, linu. Being an electrical engineer, I wanted to comment on the washer use, because it brings up a good issue.

Video Card Drivers

I don’t have a card to test it right now. Acer comes with built in wifi, bluetooth, sound on board, built in ATI Radeon and in based on the Intel Centrino chipset. Then install or make sure they are installed the following packages: You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Installed the Corsair 2gig ram upgrade and it is working fine.


Both work out of the box. There are so many forum threads and lots of people saying that they’ve solved their problem, but either the solutions are quite specific to some hardware and therefore don’t work for me or I’m just doing something dumb. Now is when you can install the “nvidia-settings” module linuc the Adept manager or apt-get. Works with ndiswrapper in 7.

Otherwise the dongle does not work correctly under Hardy The radio is turned off and no connection is eh8500gt.

Reboot, no more gui. Antec Nine Hundred Motherboard: Hibernate and suspend work well. This prevents the contacts from touching the pins in the adapter unless you put it under physical pressure which is not a workable solution, so ensure you’re using thin cards.

Linux Display Driver – x86|NVIDIA

Did not install any drivers. I have been using the system several months and it is stable and fast. I also could not get Gpodder running because I did not first check dependencies and gpod seems to fail if the dependencies aren’t satisfied prior to installation.

I want to upgrade from the onboard Intel graphics. Use the Ubuntu wiki https: Asus A7N8X rev 2.


Linux Display Driver – x86

Linux – Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues. Switching from spare battery in hotbay to DVD drive works ok. Don’t choose any of those.

If you’re installing Karmic and video drivers, or for that matter any drivers, be advised starting and stopping the X server has changed as explained below. So the boot process try to find tthe 2 others missing core.

Asus En8500gt Silent Magic Driver

I am a definite newbie to Linux and especially to Ubuntu. The screen flickers every time the CPU speed changes. You can learn more about finding the right package at https: And a great laptop!

IgnorantGuru had good luck with getting it to work with Ubuntu. My only issue is that I can’t burn a CD.