The new computer had Win7 installed. This driver is also not supported when coming out of sleep or hibernation mode. Download Now 14 MB. Overview User Reviews Specs. There is a sticky on the top of the Equipment topic http:

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This installation appears to run in the same way as a standalone Win XP machine, however it does not detect an LT GPS receiver connected to the laptop.

Jeff, search requires at least four characters, exrthmate most of the old threads won’t show anyway because of the switch over in January. I would suggest, unless you want to buy a Delorme navigation software product, that you abandon the Earthmate. Select type of offense: Thanks Jeff, for a quick response.

Earthmate GPS LT-20 Companion CD

This comes up quite often and it’s a subject that has been covered pretty thoroughly, so hopefully you’ll find the answers you need by reading the previous threads. I was forced to move to another computer. I was able to install the Delorme Serial Emulator program on this mode, and got no no error messages. I certainly understand DeLorme deciding to not support the 64bit platform as that is probably a costly re-write.

Earthmate LT GPS with WIN7? | Stormtrack

Your name or email address: Incompatible with most versions of Vista especially bit Incompatible with all versions of Windows 7 No vendor support Do not attempt to install on Vista 64 or any version Windows 7. About – Shows the version of the utility. I would use the emulator to split the data stream between DeLorme Street Atlasa USDOT log book program, and a compliance program that tracked my speed and location.


Kurt, I searched the. A search of ST should reveal a couple of threads though I just searched even “GPS” in the equipment forum, and got ‘no results found’: Drop by and see how we’ve improved this important medium. The Earthmate GPS reciever can be configured to work with up to windowa different applications at the same time.

[SOLVED] Lt Delorme GPS how to make work in Ubuntu?

Overview User Reviews Specs. I used it on both a Vista bit and XP Pro OS systems with litle trouble to run weather tracking, routing software, and a utility to auto-input locations into my log book. Do you already have an account? You must log in or sign up to post here. The LT was nice because it was small, got its power from the port, was more durable, and got a very rapid fix compared to the others. I haven’t met one person on this forum yet who was successfully able to get the Delorme LT to work with GPSGate, so don’t beat yourself up about it.

Discussion in ‘ Equipment ‘ started by Kurt HulstMar 20, The emulator does tend to erthmate every 24 hours or so,without any warning.


Earthmate LT-20 GPS with WIN7?

The Earthmate GPS reciever can be configured to work with up to three different applications at the same time. The Delorme BT works just fine and is the unit I and several other members use for their chase setup. But in my research I did not get far in my understanding on how to even start. DeLorme has opted to not support any version of Windows 7 32 or 64 bit. They are inexpensive and there is nothing special about the LT While DeLorme claims the emulator will work with Vista 32 bit OS’s, I personally have never been able to get it to work with any version of Vista.

Win 7 refuses to install it under any method. IF anyone has had the same issues what was a resolution to the issue if you had to find another puck that was inexpensive and universal to use with all programs?

Locate DeLorme Serial Emulator1. BUT this compatibility fix should have been a no-brainer for them to support their current customer base.

Sorry DeLorme, but after a year of patience, I’m done with you.