Recording Settings Schedule mode: NTSC system uses It also shows the total recording time available. Choose the audio bit rate you like here. Timeshifting lets you watch TV, pause live TV, or review your favorite scenes without missing a minute of the program.

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Additionally, each TV system uses slightly different frequencies. Higher quality levels consume more disk space.

The screen capture image size is fixed at x No part of this document may be copied or reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of Compro Technology, Inc. Follow the instructions of the software installer. Select the video quality at which you 9u00 to record. Click it to add this schedule. COMPRO reserves the right to make revisions to this publication without obligation to notify any person or entity of any such changes.

Comprl can interrupt compeo scanning process by pressing the Stop button. Select the channel you wish to fine tune and press the button labeled, “Fine Tune. Page 16 Questions on our web site http: If you plan to archive or edit the video, a higher video quality may be more appropriate.


Compro VideoMate U900 TV Tuner

Refer to the Video File Formats Table page 30 to better understand the relationship between video quality and disk uu900. And also provide the product serial number 19 digits numbers on the PCI card. Select this to record this program repeatedly. For example, you watch your favorite sporting event, pause the live action and help yourself to an ice-cold beverage from the fridge.

Copmro window has all features while slave window has limited functions only. It is available to hear audio on multiple programs at the same time. It describes a combination of lossy video compression and lossy audio data compression methods, which permit storage and transmission of movies using currently available storage media and transmission bandwidth.

Check compor box to add the start date to the names of the recording files. Reduce the performance or choosing lower quality like VCD will help.

Compro U/U USB drivers

You can press Weekday or Daily button to select multiple days. You must select the proper Video and Audio devices for correct operation.


You can playback from various locations in that buffer. You can choose the resolution here. Amount of programming to be recorded.

Compro VideoMate U TV Tuner

Similar to video playback, you can pause, fast-forward, and rewind. However, more processing power is required to record.

By default, every available channel will be enabled and marked with the green icon. The default is set to main volume. When contacting Compro for technical support, please use the Compro support request form and provide as much of the requested information as possible.

There are 12 and 16 options available. Unless you wish to logon by a different user, there is no need to change it. Check the Windows Volume Control dialog for muted sound or volume levels that are too low. Watch TV programs on your PC, in full-screen mode or in a window. The following picture shows the TV on the desktop.