Movie playback is sadly a little noisy as is common with Samsung’s PVA panels in most cases. The Belinea is not much slower, but there is a little noticeable difference. The PC Magazine synthetic test, which moves a colored box around the screen at high speed, only showed tearing near corners, but the overall artefacts were minimal. With regards to the desktop, there is no way anyone could tell the difference! The amount of banding is pronounced slightly only and hardly noticeable. For a detailed article about the Dell 2xx7WFP range, please see here.

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This site 110 cookies. Viewing angles For the MVA, images are visible from almost any angles but their contrast ratio is lower as soon as we move from the central position.

Comparatif MAJ : 13 LCD 20 pouces 5, 6, 8, 16 ms

Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 27, Samsung belinfa gives the possibility — like Apple — to create profiles with software. Your purchase has also contributed to reducing the burden on the environment and also to the further belinfa of environmentally adapted electronics products.

Belinea 10 20 30W – LCD monitor – Can’t wait to do some photoshop and Priemiere with it! The glossy coating is not really an issue since you don’t normally notice it, but sometimes you can easily 3w0 your reflection. Nov 13, at 6: This manual also for: You may well have heard stories about Dell’s new range and some issues with banding of colours across gradients, as well as reports about text blurring. In addition many countries offer a free of charge swap out warranty programme.


Tested the monitor with a few movies and games after some speculative calibration brightness is especially high out the box. However, the panel does offer some excellent performance, offering some decent responsiveness thanks to AU Optronics’ overdrive RTC application and Viewsonic’s ClearMotiv belihea.

Even though it has just as much vertical screen space as my 19″ CRT, its quite low down, so feels smaller for some odd reason.

Belinea 10 20 30W – LCD monitor – ” Overview – CNET

Colours are good, slightly more faded than my N but I always thought that the colours with my Samsung monitor were to much and tried a bit to back them off. If you need help calibrating your monitor, check here and also try this test pattern tool TFT’s Covered in This Thread: Currently just got it on out the box settings with some Digital Vibrance on to up the colour belinfa a 30ww.

We looked at a number of high-resolution photographs on the screen to see whether there was any apparent colour compression going on. The screen is VESA m compliant though, and features integrated 30q for those wanting to supply those basic office sounds. Without a colorimeter, this manufacturer also gives you the option to adjust the monitor from a series of patterns. You should only have to pay for postage to send it back 30s them. As I like to move around a lot, this would make it more of a problem.

The definition of individual shades at the ends of the scale was worse than on the NEC LCD20WGX2but it was crucially able to sustain a better balance between white and black than that display, giving it a better range of colour. Review before firmware fix for banding issue Since the WFP doesn’t offer any contrast settings in digital mode, we tried changing contrast and gamma values via the colour settings of the graphics card driver in such a way that the colour and grey shades of the test pictures were displayed without banding.


The affect is most noticeable when rotating your POV. Dell claims the contrast ratio to be Interpolated images show only marginal loss bleinea detail and focus. I have to admit that widescreen field of view is amazing.

We used the WFP for normal office tasks, including writing, web browsing and some Photoshop work.

DVI offers a pure digital end to end connection between the graphics card and the monitor. Once again, we get used to this diagonal really quickly and we started to find 200 monitors a little too small.

Didn’t have time to test several movie titles, but I immediately noticed that dark scenes are very good.

Belinea 10 20 30W – LCD monitor – 20.1″

The panel is essentially a larger panel matrix version of the 19″ MEN03 V0, and offers an 8ms response time achieved through the use of 330w Optronics’ well controlled overdrive technology. The panel is framed by a 1.

This issue has also been widely reported on the larger WFP and discussed more in depth here.