If I would do this choice, for the price, yes, for ease of use not made because of having to reboot every time the PC is really annoying in the long run. It’s quite heavy and built to last. I have a tuning 5. Latency is zero in any case inaudible. I had a heck of a time trying to get this MBox Mini 3 to work with Sonar.

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With protools 9 via an alto console For what purpose? The controls are very straight-forward miini anyone who has used an audio interface before and the quick setup manual, though small does the job of helping you setup your device for use. I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever for purchasing this unit. Standalone driver installers for these interfaces are available for download and include the device control panel.

In general one branch over a microphone placed in front of the amps or voice, or digital piano online, or mixing desk on which you plug the microphone jack the battery it is also possible to connect two tables above to mix eg separate tom mics and overheads to deal with two separate tracks via software. Not satisfied with those reviews? On latency I do not feel a listen. I was more than pleasantly surprised by zsio quality of this Mbox3.


I never need to record more than one voice at a time so a small portable device would suit my needs. I use mostly the XLR input to capture audio from my condenser mics and it works great. This is especially annoying when you have a big template loaded instruments in VEP and must reboot and template and reload this famous losing precious minutes.

As always in Pro Tools, you pass by the window “search engine” to select the desired interface and go! No incompatibilities with my mac, everything works.

Ableton, Cubase, Logic, whatever, this thing works like a charm. So far the performance has been phenomenal.

Support for Pro Tools I like almost everything of this interface, I have no complaints for the use I have! Fixed an issue with launching the control panel on non-English systems.

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The pre-amp proves excellent, more defined, clear and dynamic team that the Fast Track C High Sierra won’t boot after installing Mbox drivers. Finally, the price of the Mini seems to me justified and bundle provides PT at a very affordable price.

My future plans are musical soundtracks, documentaries. The pre-amp is really loud and transparent, the build quality of the device is top notch, it has xsio direct monitoring option and comes with ProTools 8 LE which will get you started in recording if you don’t have any other DAW.


Latency is zero in any case inaudible. The only incompatibility I found is that the port is USB 1.

The process was quick and simple. Going back, I definitely would have bought it again, in fact I would’ve bought two knowing what I know. My choice was made with the offer of pro tools 9 software bundle provided and the free update to version It is probably in this configuration it is a must.

If you min using Pro Tools 9 use a driver specifically listed for Pro Tools 9. It’s a beautiful, metallic, grey unit which is really solid and of top notch build quality.

I had the 2nd generation mac os x I’d probably go to his sister who is in mbox 3 usb 2. You could always buy a splitter if you want to monitor using 2 pairs of headphones.

Mbox Mini Drivers

But this is not a show-stopper for me jini even with DirectSound or WDM the latency is really low. Plus it barely takes up any real estate in my workspace. Whether this is connected with a DI or acoustic guitar with a microphone that takes it, the result is very, very good.