The problem appears to be the radeon drm kernel module has errors when it’s loading. Intel Extreme Graphics 2. It only happened just after an xgl and drivers update, so I’m not sure what the problem is. But checking again today, it appears that there is a further regression, as I’m erroring out at the same place as professordes, even before the check for GLXFBConfig:. Configuration was a custom xorg.

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ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650

Any good ideas out there? PlanarPlatypus launchpad-finalhaven wrote on In 24bpp you can radwon enable compiz without the problem of a incorrectly rendered right side of the screen.

I took note because he is using the same hardware as I am Thinkpad X31 with Radeon Mobility M6 – the hardware with which I originally reported this bug. Jerone Young jerone wrote on But I’m afraid not to “modify” too much You don’t have the problem reported here.

Rafeon, here is an interesting update.

ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD Drivers & Support | AMD

In the meantime I found there is a problem in the way drm and radeon modules are loaded I think. Everyone else, please test Intrepid Alpha -4 or newer and post a NEW bug report if you’re still having trouble. So, commenting of respective lines have helped me.


Checking for Composite extension: In M6v-16h everything works fine. I have everything else you list installed; I think the problem may lie elsewhere. The order is a little clumsy. I xti xserver-xgl and then had no lock up at all. Some people in have reported that they are experiencing this bug with non-ATI hardware, can someone please confirm that this is in fact the case, and it is not a mis-diagnosed case of radeoj ?

No manageable screens found on display: Further discussion can be continued in bug It seems like the video memory is being filled and not released. And put comments on that Bug please.

But if Visual Effects can’t be turned on, then one last resource is to use the vesa raeeon instead. Search for without quotes mohility xserver ” Now, scroll down the list until you find ” xserver- xorg-video- all ” Mark this for removal. Ingo Planz planz wrote on Need for Speed Shift Run synaptic package manager.


The only way to run effects on my system is to install xserver-xgl, which I did.

My problem was fixed with Gutsy final release live cd. The output of desktop-effects is attached. Pirmas, did you say Visual Effects option has been set to Normal? I am going to see what I can get from that beta 7.

Download ati mobility radeon m6ch driver | Brittany’s blog

According to the wiki page above, my card shouldn’t be blacklisted. Radekn nvidia hardware available Checking for Xgl: It is indeed a little not logical for Gutsy to recommend to install a driver “In order to use your hardware more efficiently” which then doesn’t support the enhanced desktop features.

Now I have to find a fix for logging in. As can be seen, no error radepn within compiz or desktop-effects until the X server crashes.