I cannot find it on the specs. Using the main monitor for images analyses quality control and the slave monitor for tools, I was unable to have a stable image at by pixels. Anti-aliased points and lines – Lines and points are smoothed as they’re drawn in wireframe mode. While the Wildcat4 – , or even the VP Pro have a very stable screen at maximum resolution. This is useful for viewing cut-away objects.

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What are exactly the several resolutions possible with the FireGL X3 using 2 monitors? The hierarchical z engine looks at tiles of pixels in the case of the FireGL 16×16 blocksand if the entire block is occluded, up to pixels can be eliminated in one clock. Simulation is being used for lawsuits in court, treating schizophrenia, use in middle school education As soon I reduced the resolution from the main monitor to bywas everything stable, but that’s not what I want, I need the maximum resolution on the main monitor.

To further aid comparison, we retestedall of the accelerators using the latest version 8. Instantaneous real-time, ray-traced rendering can dramatically cut down your product development cycle. As the ATI part isn’t positioned as an ultra high end workstation solution, we’ll be focusing more on price performance. The internals are the differentiating factor. For those looking for a relatively affordable high-end AGP-basedgraphics accelerator for an existing system, the FireGL X may justfit the bill see Figure 5, below.

Even 3Dlabs was unable to give me the necessary support and do not answer anymore! Quad-buffered stereo 3D support – This enables smooth real-time stereoscopic image output by supporting a front-left, back-left, front-right, and back-right buffer for display. This can significantly speed up things like displaying pop-up windows or selection highlights in 3D applications.


Using the main monitor for images analyses quality control and the slave monitor for tools, I was unable to have a stable image at by pixels. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

It’s these blocks on which each quad pipe shares its efforts. But the V also supports dual link for ultra-high resolution9-megapixel displays, providing a maximum resolution of 3 when connected to a single ultra-high-resolution atj.

Of course, we would rather see a pipeline part, but we’ll have to wait until we evaluate PCI Express graphics workstations for that. David Cohn is a computer consultant and technical writer based inBellingham, Washington, and has been benchmarking PCs since While the board offers two videoconnectors, to reduce cost it provides a single digital DVI connectorand an analog VGA connector.

Any comment will be appreciated, Best regards, Jean Reply. The combination of powerful engineering workstations with advanced modeling allows designers to find and correct Interestingly, in the documents that list the features of the FireGL X3, we see that “Full DX9 vertex shader firehl with 4 vertex units” is mentioned in addition to its “6 geometry engines”.

Covering All the Bases – ATI FireGL V Series and X 3D Graphics Boards – Digital Engineering

Since then, computercompanies have shipped new systems based on PCI Express and graphicscard manufacturers have released a myriad of new hardware designed forthe new bus architecture. Anti-aliased points and lines – Lines and points are smoothed as they’re drawn in wireframe mode.

After hearing for years about a new PC graphics hardware standard, thePCI Express bus was finally announced last summer.


And like the V, the X provides two DVI-I connectorsto support any combination of digital flat panel and analog displays atresolutions up to 3 ; and one of the DVI-I connectors supportsdual-link for ultra-high-resolution displays.

On ATI hardware, data out of setup is atii into those 16×16 blocks for the hierarchical z pass.

Workstation Graphics: AGP Cross Section 2004

This puts ATI behind when it comes to video editing, video walls, multi-system displays, and broadcast solutions. While NVIDIA has been the dominant player in the workstation graphicsarena for many years, these new graphics accelerators from ATI provethat this company has caught up.

I wonder if the FireGL X3 will do the job? The specs from 3Dlabs resolution table is giving by pixels maximum!

Since the texture unit does not share hardware with either of the shader math units, ATI is able to handle theoretically more math per clock cycle in its pixel shaders than NVIDIA. As far as rasterization is concerned, ATI does not support any floating point d3-256 display types. I send it back, and I’m looking for an other card. One thing is for certain: We can see that the ATI vector unit supports the parallel operation of a 4x bit vector unit and a bit scalar unit.

Xx3-256, the FireGL line also features a different memory management setup and driver development focuses more heavily on OpenGL and stability.