In former versions the entered numerical value was the same as the number of repetitions. Meaning The Superuser password can be redefined by entering a new password. This has the potential of damaging the test specimens and the test system. The last 2 encodes i did had that jerk you were talking about. The marked program step is deleted.

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The test program is not saved. Use win2k or winxp, they are even faster for encoding on my TB A different language appears. Meaning 1; 2; X NOTE The sending string always consists of two set points for temperature and humidity and 16 digital channels. You can adapt these values to your requirements as follows: To put it into operation, proceed as follows: I can’t answer that, try an Antec or Enermax, if they have problems too, then something is real strange.

Find More Posts by JimmyBarnes. A special key is supplied for locking and unlocking. Without test specimen, without optional accessories.


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C Control variables Nominal values and limits can be altered. Simultaneously, the respective indicator light on the temperature limiter lights up.

The left axis does not change. If you want to save the settings, press be saved.

front panel connectors and acer woes ….

The values relate to the immediate time: It vt71100 activated by pressing button on the control unit. Set the parameters according to your requirements. The relevant strings are shown in the following table: Why oh why does 3dmark hate my system?!

This has the potential of damaging the test specimens and the test system. Variablespeed test space fan1.

ASUS V7100/T GeForce2 MX

Refine more Format Format. Furthermore, the upper and lower limit for the respective set value are displayed. Fault messages Possible cause Rectification 31 Reservoir humidity system empty No water in humidity system auss pump not working Fill reservoir with water. For temperature and climatic test systems: Then the values are displayed in the specified range.


Pressthe settings are saved and the asys unit is rebooted. The user must ensure that the directions regarding installation and operation of refrigerating plants as per EN chap. No topping up is required if a demineralization unit1 or automatic water replenishment is installed. At this point, the test program is interpreted in vt71100 a way that the start of the test program is at 0 hours and the end is at 24 hours. The first 16 digital channels are displayed in the basic menu as small rectangular boxes.

You can only change into the main menu. Skip to main content. The controller responds to this string by sending a response string back to the PC.