As for the touchpad mouse button, it has an Apple like design. The cooling vents are located at the left of the laptop next to the DVD burner and at the top right corner near the USB ports. Just as a reminder, remember to install the Bluetooth driver before you want to connect any devices through Bluetooth. It offers a great machine for business and gaming and it is also a portable machine. Sometimes I would accidentally touch the scrolling function and a webpage would move up and down. It has six modes which include: The color and the contrast of the screen are great.

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It is very lightweight and portable. I haggled a little on price.

Asus F3Ja Review (pics, specs)

The keys require limited pressure to press. As for the noise, you will hardly notice any noise from the laptop. Visit our network of sites: However, this laptop has very few problems that I can pick on. The screen is a widescreen It works like any other touchpad mouse button so this is fine in my opinion.

I need a computer that is portable enough for me to take around campus and powerful enough for me to play games such as Battlefield 2 — or any other high end graphic games. Asux can look at it from both sides without any major distortion or color change. The Asus F3 once again proved its quality in this section.


Asus F3A Manuals

It has everything I want. The design is very simple yet elegant. It asue six modes which include: Window XP Home edition is pre-installed by Asus.

Asus also has a hotkey built for this software. I did a Skype webcam test with my sister in New York half way across the world! PCMark05 provides an overall system performance evaluation that includes the graphics card and processor.

It does not flex. Asus finally switched the two keys around so right now the Ctrl key is located to the far left and Fn key is at the right. I suggest readers to check other Asus laptop reviews to get a better glimpse at Asus US customer support.

I myself am buying an Ogio Fugitive bag as a school bag. The speakers are located at the top of the keyboard and just below the screen. I wanted to find a system that is around 15 inches and capable for gaming. The mouse is very good for travel.

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Then I went to a computer convention in Taipei I live in Taiwan. We will talk about that later. As for the touchpad, it takes me a little bit of time to get use to it.


This software can be used when users want to change the settings for the screen. The lid opens smoothly without any problem. It takes about 45 seconds to get to the login screen. One major upside of the mouse is that it comes with side to side scrolling ability.

It should be close to f3q score of Operating System and Software: One small problem I encountered is that it is quite annoying when you need to connect your laptop to external speakers because the headphone jack is at the front of the laptop.

These load times quoted above were taken after I installed all the software I usually use, so it should be faster when you have your first startup.