You are really extreme rexrzer. I always wondered about that stuff! I am not using my computer as a movie server so If I get some time, I will run some for ya when I get it up and going and pm them to ya! The sata cables come out the side of the card, and they have to be “drooped” over my last GTX I routinely use the external 4TB volume for a big scratch disk as today while compositing a couple hundred GB of film archives , or for massive batch runs of photos, and it’s very effective.

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Not a single raid issue what so ever the two years I have used it, and the performance is great.

For the OP having 2 or 3 drives he probably will gain performance by switching to the onboard controller. So it’s really convenient.

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Hey guys, Im thinking about removing the hardware raid controller I have and just using the onboard dindows that I have with this X Classy board. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Everything else in my case is neatly tucked away. I know it cant be used to manually trim Raid on a separate add in card, but if it can be on Intel’s controller then that might make it the better option.

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If I get some time, I will run some for ya when I get it up and going and pm them to ya! I also have an LSI sitting right next to me I messed around with them quite a bit.


The ICH10R is far from being a slouch. Plus, with the 3-Way SLI bridge, they end up getting scrunched up wlndows. This card has been nothing short of perfect. KMoore 2 wiindows m’s on the onboard will get yo about3 would get you about I think I will remove this card then, if its not going to benifit me in boot up times, or load times in games, I might just be happier without it.

Thanks for the info, and again, real sorry I couldent help ya with any benches with this card. Will I notice any difference in real world use?

As for the OP here in this thread I also think he could benefit from using the SSD’s he was writing about windiws the Areca RAID controller, especially as far as convenience and quick booting etc goes I personally actually have 4 drives and I have the freaking DMI saturated. What are you doing with the hardware RAID card right now?

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I didn’t even notice a real difference going from 1 to 3 drives. Anyway, here’s those two benchmarks for the two different setups run windowa the Areca card I really only did it to increase the OS partition size. It just doesent look good at all. I think he’ll be a lot happier than he is right now with the Areca controller in the mix for his setup Why not run the Windowss off of it?


Forums Posts Latest Posts. The sata cables come out the side of the card, and they have to be “drooped” over my last GTX I’ll take that as a compliment about the being extreme, and yes, I’ve been called that before so it’s nothing new.

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FTW3 Logo peel off. Did you read that in a post somewhere?

Im doing some cleaning up, removing hard drives, and starting over with a fresh install of Windows 7. Cloning my necessary OS and app volumes is the way to go, you know what I am saying? Here is the card I have: Then I can turn around and have the bus master build a nice RAID 6 or 5 for redundancy for mission critical work that needs to be secure, with little to no chance of losing the data live filming, commercial work, etc and with the built-in RAID 6 engine and a Mhz IOP Intel CPU as the bus master’s controlling artifact that can be built in about an hour and a half to two hours max.

Thanks for the reply!