The Mass Fidelity Relay, though slightly larger, is much more elegant and attractive in appearance, if such things matter to you. Usually, when signing up to evaluate audio products, reviewers know what to expect in terms of how to integrate a new component into an audio system. I’ll pass along a couple of iPhone tips. Recording of June Am I the only one who values content and convenience over sound quality?

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The rBlink has its own digital-to-analog converter and left and right analog outputs.

SoundStage! Xperience | – Arcam rBlink DAC-Bluetooth Digital Converter

Just connect it to your integrated amplifier or preamp. One person found this helpful.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. When you factor in the linear power supply as opposed to the switch-mode supplies so common nowadaysyou can see that the rBlink seems closer in overall design to your basic high-end DAC than the typical wireless appliance. I might pay for streaming high-resolution audio, if the content and convenience are there. I’m sorry but I don’t know where I read it. Its cast-aluminum case is very solid, with a real high-end feel.


The obvious limitation is that you have to be using Apple devices, excluding a few workarounds. The aptX codec is said to automatically optimize the Bluetooth receiving device for the best sound quality possible with each incoming aptX signal. BTSA 1 was better about ms Build quality: I’ve also found that it needs to be within about 15 feet of my bluetooth device to not skip, which is far off the 10m it should get.

Hit the Settings button. If I’d been located in the UK he would have been able to work something out, but since I’d purchased it from Amazon here in the U.

What Hi-Fi?

But consider getting better interconnects. How do ya like them apples?

Maybe an updated version of this product will resolve the bluetooth issues. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. To say it was listenable, even for someone used to really high-end sound, would be an understatement.

Radio Dismuke, with music from the s and ’30s. At this point, probably best to go with devices that use wifi rather than bluetooth, or wait for Arcam to release an updated version. Choice is a beautiful thing. Create new account Request new password.


Arcam rBlink Bluetooth D/A processor |

There was a problem loading comments right now. Keep fewer programs running in the background. Return it if you are not pleased! There are a few other things you should know about the rBlink.

The rBlink has one oddity: You set them up and listen. Get to Know Us.

Customer reviews

Submitted by deckeda on February 14, – 2: You can tell from its rich, full-bodied sound that it wasn’t designed with test tones in mind. Up to this point I was running my laptop and iPod directly into my receiver via the headphone jack. Where the River Goes.

More to the point, it’s never sounded good to me for music, and not by a little bit. Bonus Recording of November