I too had a problem with mic not working with playback OK, and it turned out that probably due to model mismatch in snd-hda-intel options the capture volume controls were mislabeled and the slider that was responsible for the microphone was the one with “Digital” caption. Rebooted and checked the BIOS. In both cases audio breaks when pulseaudio reports: In both cases audio breaks when pulseaudio reports: They are kind of buzz words and Debian was long time infamous for not supporting them, so this should get explicit press coverage. If you come up with something, let me know. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.

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Problem with Realtek ALC sound card on Wheezy ()

The following procedure solved the malfunction of the USB-Soundcard: Comment on this change optional. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury linuxx Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: If it exhibits the bug we can bisect between 3.

We are looking for the first kernel version that exhibits this bug:. David Henningsson diwic wrote on I even tried to mute everything later, I still have the static noise, no other sounds. Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: The funny thing is that the os can see my external usb audio that for most people isn’t working without removing fwupd and simply ignores the on-board audio.


Contact me skadge -at- gmail -dot- com if you have the same issue.


Changed in alsa-driver Ubuntu Saucy: The static noise doesn’t change. Attaching syslog after installing PPA and rebooting. Just to be super sure, what’s the kernel I should have installed to cross check it keeps working?

Then it works, i get sound. You may need to right click on the volume control applet in your gnome-panel and go to the preferences and change the device to the one called Alsa Mixer. Scheduling delay of Okay, not marked realtek alc linux fixed anymore then. Scheduling delay of 6.

This is just ridiculous!

I attach here more info below, lijux do let me know any other information that might get this MB working properly, for the rest it is working great as far as I know. Page History Login to edit.

Using hardware mute control. I dont know what the deal was with pulseaudio but I didnt really seem to need it for anything I want to do removed it got audio chipset detected properly by ALSA and could open kmixer and see audio jacks plugged liunx and got sound.


A better way is to create a backport by using the build scripts from your current alsa source packages. All times are GMT Driver does not support hardware volume control, falling back to software volume control. Running module version sanity check. A piece of output from pulseaudio, once audio playback is broken, when playing a video with mplayer:.

Raymond superquad-vortex2 on Booted in the raring PC with the audio issues. Download full text Still need to check the BIOS setting, need to reboot to do that, will try to get that lknux today.


You understand my problem? I don’t know if it’s Linux or Ubuntu that messed this one up, but someone should limux a look into it. I then booted ubuntu 7.