In the end my setup is as follows: By this argument, every time someone wants better than 56K dialup, they should have the phone company run CAT5 for them. The techniques for isolating one circuit from another didn’t exactly have to be invented for this gear, you know? Dont use home pna because it could fry your motherboard. Working from the attic means you never have to go sideways in the walls, just straight down between the studs, and the only hole you need to make in your wall is where your network jack is going to go.

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Be careful when shopping for a bridge. The only time it sucks is when you are transferring files. Every standard telephone jack in the home is capable of hosting a PC – you can connect up to 25 computers, thus transforming the home’s telephone wiring into an easily expandable network. Supports rich diagnostic LED indicators.

Telephone lines do have power running through them.

I’ve bought in a LONG time. And how is this different from the power lines? And the phone line networking PCI cards do use transformers and optoisolators and other good stuff, typically with breakdown voltages well over V.


What do you guys think of homePNA?

Live power going straight to your motherboards PCI bus is bad news. Dont use home pna because it could fry your motherboard. A standard phone line has enough room to support voice, high-speed DSL and a landline phone.

Try it sometime in walls with fire stops, sound deadener, and vaulted ceilings. The HomePNA Alliance is an incorporated non-profit industry association of companies that develops and standardizes technology for home networking over the existing coaxial cables and telephone homepha within homes, so new wires do not need to be installed. The techniques for isolating a-lik circuit from another didn’t exactly have to be invented for this gear, you know?

Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.

Alternatives to HomePNA include: Some vendors call their bridges “HomePNA 2 compatible,” which is technically true because the standard is backward homfpna.

I have a problem with wiring a network cable upstairs and I want an alternative. What do you guys think of HomePNA?


Supports 1M system memory per module. Originally posted by adamjaskie: I’m personally of the opinion that home pna is the devil, based on just my opinion and the experiance my friend had with it.


Verto Ars Praetorian Registered: HomePNA PCI adapter provides you with the easiest and the most economic way to build a network of up to 25 devices on any given phone hokepna.

Feb 15, Posts: Mon Sep 02, 6: Yhteys kytkimeen on edelleen 1Mbps. The original protocols used balanced pair telephone wire. I would recommend this bridge or a similar product.

HPN causes me nothing but headaches. Apr 20, Posts: Actuators Hardware controllers Sensors.

HomePNA Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia

Yes, you should be able to bridge in Ho,epna. Modern three- or four-pair phone wire is actually unshielded twisted pair and two of those pairs will often work fine for base-T 10 Mbpsno “phone line networking” interfaces needed. Mar 29, Posts: Well, it’s different in this way: Sun Sep 01, 2: