The official word from Red Hat, Inc. Find More Posts by jeremy. Because some new computers have limited PCI slots and often don’t even have serial ports, USB modems are becoming more popular for those who still need dial-up. I am glad that you are able to get online I think you can! The modems just mentioned are generally more expensive than their controller-less counterparts. My latest stop is CompUSA.

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Are there any Linmodem drivers for kernel 2. Got and suggestions on how to get a pci modem to work.

This number is usually silk-screened or on a label on the modem board. Robotics 65pci 3Com while they were merged. Sorry, the whole idea of using binary drivers in a Free operating system is an ugly hack.

The developers at linmodems. My modem is not a winmodem but I’m still having problems getting Linux to “see” it or the modem is always “busy. Find More Posts by Larry James. If you have a laptop with a built-in 65pci, though, you’ll need a “linmodem” driver. However, some older modems are based on RPI chipsets see below.

Well FMPCI-TP Driver for Windows v

In this case, kudzu should find the new modem installed 56cpi one of your PCI slots and offer to let you configure it. Make sure that you have:. Thanks to CdStrife aol. However, Winmodems are only appropriate for use with Microsoft Windows on a fast Pentium. I cant stand long without music and net so both are critical If you already have a modem and you just want to give it a shot, go ahead.


For most winmodems, this software is only 556pci for Microsoft Windows. My modem is not a winmodem but I’m still having problems getting Linux to “see” it or the modem is always “busy. It explains the quirks of the closed-source drivers and how to overcome them. You can atomatically configure the setserial thing at start up in a file tpp I cant remember where, but I will let you know.

However, you might want to turn off the GUI go to runlevel 3 to run kudzu because it probes the video card as well and can scramble your GUI. Winmodems that have drivers that allow them to work in Linux are sometimes referred to as Linmodems.

If you are curious, these modems are: Figure shows an example of a kudzu screen where a supported Multitech modem is detected; in Figure a nonsupported winmodem is detected: You can actually copy and pasted the contents for the file into your text editor for assurance in getting each line exact.


Standard serial port speeds make a Winmodem impractical. Visit the following links: Chipsets for controller-based PCI modems in other words, not winmodems include the following: Click here for an example. Sincemy opinion on these devices has been tempered by changes in: According to documentation that comes with that driver, USB modems known to work with the driver include:.

Well 56k PCI Fax Modem Card Fm-56pci-amb

Test your modem with minicom instead. Glad you have some success.

The most current English language version is always found at http: They are somewhat more difficult to set up than a jumpered ISA modem or an external serial port modem. A Linmodems support page linmodems. If you get one of these to work for you, please to me a note with your modem information so that others won’t have struggle as much as you did: